Thursday, January 12, 2006

...Lost kittens

Foot in mouth disease.

Ok, so today I nearly crashed and burned with one of my off the cuff, not really thinking before speaking remarks.
To set the scene. I'm currently working on the design of a new veterinary practice. Design meeting with client & contractor.
The subject of the two chest freezers located in the existing building came up. Naively shocked to discover these contained the kittens , puppies & budgies that didnt quite make it.
The subject in question was what services were required & how the client envisaged the new building to be heated.
So I point out if we knew, "the calorific value of a budgie we could burn them & kill two birds with one stone."
...Silence. Uncomfortable silence.
Fortunately the vet was not so stiff & his reply actually made my day.
"Perhaps we could install a propper Bunnie Boiler?"

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