Monday, January 23, 2006

Now here's a stupid thought. After 12 years of physical imprisionment & Im now bursting with energy & fighting fit again, and I think very possibly a little giddy and drunk on it too.
The stupid thought is "would it be sensible at the age of 35 to run back out onto the Rugby park again ?"
Possibly one thing too far...but this little voice in the back of my head that challenges me to do these things is shouting ( its dancing on tables and singing lewd songs actually), and as often as not Im a bear of very little resistance when inner me sings.
I have so many possibilities and things I can resume now.

Other stupid things Ive taken on in the last year to get me to this point.

a) Qualified as a senior sailing instructor. (Supprised myself, bear in mind Im the shyest person on the face of the planet.) ,but oh how I strutted.
b) Beaten and recovered from cancer & associated operations. This gave me my life completely back. Now theres somthing you may not often hear & I haven't stopped grining yet.
c) Taken on fund raising for the kids sailing association during (b). Seccured the first grant this week. Woohoo. New shinny kit. mmmm..shinny kit.
d) Helped fight the county council over my sailing base & won. Still a little shocked.
e) Carried on teaching the children throughout on the nomadic tour of Norfolk. This was possibly very stupid indeed.
f) Took on the role of Rear Commodore. (Peer pressure sucks)
g) Taken up drawing again. (my drawing sucks)
h) Taken up walking for pleasure again, & a little light running.
i) Took on the re-building of a fleet of six boats.
j) Have discovered how to bend the physical law of linear time and queeze 73 seconds out of every minuite. Or so it appears.
k) Have gotten around to planning two excursions. One on the tall ships due in five weeks time.
l) Started endulging in.....forbiden fruits & other whimsical pursuits that catch my eye. Developed a major case of 'shinny thing syndrome'. I suppose this includes blogging. For some reason this appeals.
j) Stopped frowning & have started enjoying life again.

So do I play again & release any pent up stuff through beating the crap out of others.
The last twelve years tells me Fuckit, If you enjoy it Just do it. last chance.
Im waiting the the other side of the debate to emerge from within.

Please excuse the rant, this happens sometimes. I need to see stuff written down.


Jane said...

You rant away.

I don't suppose there are clubs which cater for rugby players who are slightly older and slower and take longer to heal? I love the way the Japanese do it with different coloured sashes depending on your age, play rugby that is!

sim said...
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