Monday, January 02, 2006


Back to civilisation, work & fretting.

10 things I feel I require to get me through the next weeks work & set the tone for the oncoming year ahead.

1) A medium sized gun inplacement.
2) The power to kill with a single stare & cripple with a quip.
3) A vast quantity of tea from my very own magic tea fountain.
4) A note from my mum excluding me from any potential mental and/or physical challange.
5) The complete and worldwide failure of the internet, e-mail, telephone, postal and remaining telegraph systems. I shall conduct my affairs via semiphore & Chinese whispers.
6) The timely presentation of my p45 & air fare to Patigonia.
7) The timely employment of a 6" blonde, female, single, 30 year old quantity surveyer. (Well I got that wish before the break. (Woohoo !), so this may not count).
8) 3 o'clock compulsary nap time.
9) A small semi starved leopard mis-treated from birth & fed a diet of Architects blood.
10 A suprise additional four day bank holiday in memory of the Queen Mum, godblesser.

1 comment:

Lycan said...

Funnily enough, i think that i may need most of those items, but the leopard would be starved of teacher and chav blood and i don't need the single 30 year old woman, seeing as a)I'm a girl and b)my boyfriend would be thinkg what the f**k