Monday, January 16, 2006

...larking, tom foolery & horseplay.

Other random & pointless passtimes that were invented by Trevors thoughout history for reasons unknown.

a) Complicated American handshakes. (oh, dear, sophisticated culture is only a book away,please don't improvise)
b) The tripple jump. (What natural requirement did this sport develop from?)
c) Speed walking. (Oh, ffs just run!.)
d) Astronomy (?????!, invented to specifically make my blood boil, proven increasingly irrelevant as more planets are discovered).
e) Feng Shui (invented to make money out of the gullible?)
f) Break dancing. (I lived through the break dance years and am still none the wiser)
g) Curling, cabre tossing & golf. (They must have been so,so,so,so bored in the highlands & low lands.)
h) Flower arranging. (You take a flower that looks so pretty in the wild, kill it, then try and preserve it and make it look pretty again? Just leave them in the bloody ground)
i) Pigeon racing. (not a spectator sport, so why?, if all the pigeons go home , how do you know which one won?)
j) Morris dancing. (at some point in history some one thought, "look chaps, iv'e got an idea, sew on some bells & ribbons & grab yourself a stick")
k) Bird watching. (Birds don't require watching, & it does not help their paranoia, so just stop it please)
l) Train & plane spotting. (invented because morris dancing, pigeon racing & flower aranging were too stimulating)

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