Wednesday, January 04, 2006

...shiny thing syndrome.

Being a little sensible for once.
The above is one of mine from a couple of years ago. I want to start painting again ,but I now believe I am cursed with 'Shiny thing syndrome'

Shiny thing syndrome was an alement observed at my work. One of my ex-co-workers & friend since we were apprentices,(no...make that junior school), had kept starting new businesses, expanding what he was already doing or just plain diverting off in tangental directions. When the next shiny thing came along he would throw himself headlong into it, letting other things suffer as a consequence. The result was total confusion for any one trying to keep track & utter frustration when trying to deal with him.
To this day, after bankrupcy, insolvancy & good times, He's still looking around the next corner. Incurable.

The thing is that since I gained my reletive freedom agian this year, too many shiny things in the world catch my eye & take up my precious free time. I wan't to do all of them. Perhaps there is no hope for me either.!


Anonymous said...
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sim said...
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Heartful said...

Hi Sim, I know exactly how that feels! Some of the shiny things in recent past include...I can be a (bad) folk guitarist, I can write (bad) novels, I can draw (still going with that one though, and loving it). A new one that is just round the corner is, hmmm, maybe I can be a shiatsu therapist and totally escape from my boring office job. Don't knock 'em though, the shiny things keep us moving forward, don't they?