Saturday, April 01, 2006


This is my way of lazy blogging, Ive been mending boats all day & can't really be bothered to pick up a biro.
Having a scim through my mothers book shelf the other day I found some of my old school sketch books.
I sort of studied art as a teen.
Sort of.
By this I mean I took art in my sixth form & then promptly skipped every class for next two years.
(Oh how I pissed my tutor off when I pass my A level.) ( oh & how he pissed me off when he sent my course work off in an exebition & never returned it.)
I wasnt popular with him anyway, because I drew silly cartoons. Not the Pollock like, expressive, random stuff he favoured & I could not get my 'super mature' mind around. Anyway the feeling was mutual. Plus he had a beard so should not have been trusted.
However I will for ever be grateful to my other art tutor, A lady by the name of Bedford, who took me for my figure & life drawing class. Which I absolutely loved. A) becuase she gave me exactly the opposite of which my senior tutor did not, encouragement & enthusiasm. Didn't matter if I was not great. A simple thing that I have remembered & now try to pass on to my sailing students. B) I let me study the pretty girls who skipped PE & had to model for us.

I digress, I found some of my old sketch books. The sketch above is I suppose a Micheal Whealan period when I was about 17.

Consider this a self portrait, not the chap up front , but the chap top right, in the tower waiting to get burned.


Alcuin Bramerton said...

Who is the chap up front, then?

sim said...

One of my tormentors , for the sake of anonymity let's call him 'Perridew Johns-Smythe' of 22 The Close, Beccles, Suffolk. England.

BTW, Iv'e just check you blog.
I have to conceed, Im no where near the weirdest person on the net. You have a fair crack at the title.
Funny with it though.
I like surreal.

Heartful said...

Wow this is really freaky cool, and quite different from your style now. Did you find you went a totally different direction as soon as you were out of the classroom?

I totally agree and empathise about encouragement and enthusiasm being the most important things you can show as a teacher. I was put off drawing for two or three years after attending an adult education drawing class that was supposed to be for beginners (ha! i was the only real beginner in there) and where we were NOT treated equally by the tutor who mostly frowned and kept silent as she looked at my work while she waxed lyrical about everyone else's.

Sorry this is going on so long but just thought that if you really want to see a weiro on the net you should look at

sim said...

Well it also stopped me for a good ten years, that and discovering a substance called beer.

Pam said...

Well, I think this picture answers the question I asked in my comment about your previous sketch. If you could do this when you were 17, you're extremely naturally talented, even if also trained. And a little lateral-thinking...