Wednesday, May 24, 2006

...abandon ideas & cast asides

Hmm , I think I liked the Idea that Luke Skywalker could not control the force, just like his dear old dad. It did'nt turn him evil. It just made him stick his head up cows' bottoms.
Ok the idea appealed at the time, but the cartoon sucked. So it was ditched.

I had a sudden realization that this cartoon only worked on paper, not on screen. So in the bin it went.

It was just creepy.

Childish doodle. A job that can't be automated, and a stream of consciousness thought on how it could , a little violent though. Consigned to the rubbish bin. Bye Bye.

& this is supposed to be a nursery rhyme ?, I don't know what the hell I was thinking here, violence for the sake of it possibly.
On second thoughts I want to do the TV interview with the mice with the farmers wife being busted & wheeled away by the cops in the background.

Anyway the above are a few of the junk cartoons that won't make it & will never be finished off.
I seem to be abandoning more sketches than I keep these days.
Which means a) Im becoming fussy, b) I am developing a very short attention sp.. c) I should grow up and do somthing more constructive with my lunch hour and Im sub-consciously telling myself this. or d) I should just take up knitting instead as an alternative thereapy & blog the resulting jumpers, mittens, hats, socks, and assorted wooly garments instead.


Anonymous said...

Just when I think you are run of the mill talent, you amaze me with a killer farmer wife and lambasting Star wars. Too bad you can't move to the states and take over Dilbert's spot in the funny papers.

Anonymous said...

Just kidding too, I've never thought of you as run of the mill. Maybe killer in the mill, or milling around a run.......ha ha.

sim said...

Dilbert deserves his spot.
Scott Adams is fanastic.

Now the odd thing is. Here I am, a down trodden Engineer with a paranoid and bemused outlook of those around me.
Very often dumbstruck by the attitude and incopidence of my fellow workers.

...and one of my nicknames at school :



Scott....Im sueing !