Sunday, May 07, 2006

...upper management structures.

Oh well , I should have stopped this one after the first panel.
Never mind it's done now.

This is an example of a rambling mind. I've gained a new company manager this week.
Not a bad chap , but Im sure an alien would request : 'Now take me to a better leader' after meeting him..
Im sure there's a saying about promoting the useless & keeping the best workers down. Should we take this as a compliment ?


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. I know someone, not named TISH,that has to put up with an owner's niece as a co-worker - she not only has a felony record, but she is most likely on crack as I type. And kind of a hussy. And obnoxious. And possibly pregnant WHILE taking said drugs.
But like I said I just HEARD about this crackhead. She will probably have to serve TIME IN THE PEN, but get a raise while on paid admin leave.
What the hell????????
Hugs to you, Simon.

Miss Cellania said...

I like the way you draw sheep, no matter what you have them do. Just the legs make me laugh! And the facial expressions!

sim said...

Miss C, I admit iv'e never studied sheeps knees .

I just assumed they look like this.

As for the red booties, Iv'e come tho the conclusion iv'e been drawing Welsh sheep.

If they were blue they would probably be Scotish.

Thank you

Oh Tish , An "obnoxious, crackhead hussey." , sounds like my favorite kind of person all round.
(Well the hussey bit anyway)