Thursday, May 04, 2006

...gone with the wind

So it happened again today.
For the second time in a week I got my ugly mug captured in the regional newspaper.
Not sure I'm happy with my 15 minutes of fame , I thought they would be for somthing more extravegant than sailing.

10 things Ive not been noted for in the local media :

1) Dancing naked in the moonlight. (It passes the time)
2) Cow tipping. ( he he he)
3) Worrying sheep. (casual)
4) Petty arson.
5) Eating of the worlds largest Jaffa cake.
6) Butt naked streaking at Crown lawn bowling events.
7) Being a stand in bass player with Motorhead. (Move over Lemmy)
8) Further incidents of sheep worrying. (Pre-meditated)
9) Bra burning. (or the pre-requisite removal of)
10) Cartooning & tomfoolary.

I intend to put one of these things right , can you guess......


Anonymous said...

Hmm. You seem preoccupied with your own nudity in public. There's a Freudian thesis in there somewhere.
And did you know there is a C&W song exactly about your cartoon? It's about fishing though. I think it's "I'm gonna miss her" by that boy who married/divorced Renee Zellweger. I don't know. Quit asking me about it.

Heartful said...

I think you've worried lots of sheep already....!

sim said...

Thats just silly , you can never worry enough sheep.

Danmmit, it's an old joke ?
That now makes me offically a charlatan & fraudster as well as being dangerously underqualified. Bugger. I shall take my pants off & go for a walk to calm down.

Sam said...

I vote for #9 + #10. They sound like a good match.