Tuesday, May 02, 2006

...escape from the plenum

This cartoon nearly got scrapped today as I'd buggered up the lines of perspective.
This has'nt helped rid me of my bad attitude today.
I appear to be stuck somwhere between apathy & plain, numbing fatigue at the moment
Blogger photo-upload is playing up so I can't load up my rotten cartoon anyway.
So my world is conspiring agianst me to put anything onto blogger tonight.
I will try to link it to flickr, If that fails I'll protest by going to bed .
That'll teach 'em.
Oh yes.


Anonymous said...

I think you should strip down naked and run around your village screaming "I AM A BLOGGER, NOT AN ANIMAL!"
Ha Ha.
We had that happen today, somewhat, but the guy kept his underwear on. And he didn't scream about being a blogger, but rather being from Beronga or some planet known for idiots.
Cheer up, Simon, it could be worse. YOU COULD LIVE HERE.

sim said...

The solution to grumpiness lays here.


I shall give it a go.