Sunday, May 14, 2006

...awkward date moments #101

Not only has a lot of water gone under the bridge this weekend, I feel as if I have built the blood bridge as well.

The weekend consisted of.

1) Re-arrange a sail store (approx 10 suits of sails to be re-sorted , checked, mended)
2) Build a 3 meter by 5 meter floating pontoon (While on the water)
3) Traveling - approx 120 miles.
4) Long healthy walk - approx 4 hours going nowhere.
5) Make a new rudder foil. to replace a missing one.
6) Meet members of my home towns Flickr group & attend local festival armed with cameras.
7) Sort our the days photos. (& whine for an hour because my lens is buggered)
8) Somehow I drew a cartoon amongst this lot, then freted because it's not what I wanted it to be.

This may sound a trivial list , but 2 and 6 were designed and executed on the fly by someone who's not a carpenter.

Breakfast (Erm...)
Lunches (1),
dinners (1) ,
cups of tea (dangerously few)
Sleep (Supprisingly little)

As a consequence I am too tired to blog & have nothing tangible to say.

,bugger I just blogged !.


Jane said...

You went to the Norridge flickr meet? Kewl.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You're doing fantastically well, Plutos.

I love the cartoon. Might swipe it.

sim said...

Yes I went along to the meet, which was a bit bold for me as a) Im a little awkward around new people, b)Using a camera in a very public place felt a little strange & c)I'm a little in awe of some of these photographers.

It was fun. It was kewl.

Thankyou again Hoss, by all means swipe any you wish.