Saturday, May 06, 2006

...things that lurk.

I think it's cute my little Goddaughter (No 1) still believes in fairies & things that hide in the closet & under the bed.
Im sure if she read the newspapers & listened a bit more to the worlds media she would realize this is a pretty childish belief system.

OK , she's only 4 ,but that's surely no excuse.


Anonymous said...

You'd think by that age she'd be reading the Wall Street Journal or something......
Hate to brag (not really, I love to) but guess who is SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME IN MY KITCHEN????
No, not Brad Pitt, he's pathetic.
No, not Annie Lennox, I told her to quit coming over here and singing to my kids.
Yep, that's right, he's visiting down here.
Aren't you just a little green with jealousy now?

sim said...

Ah ! , say hello & enjoy the visit.

Can't say Iv'e had that problem with Annie, but Angelina Jolie, my god , I can't get rid of the women. Always in my kitchen, drinking my tea & eating my Jaffa cakes. Blooming pest.