Tuesday, April 11, 2006

...being grounded

According to my mother being grounded did'nt work on me.
She could not send me to my rom , because I liked being alone in my room.
She could not take stuff away , because I was not materialistic.
...anyway I turned out normal. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Seeing as I don't 'know' you, I can't say that you aren't normal...but my psychic counterpart Tasha says that you stray far from the norm.
Great toon, as per the norm here.
Now we must indoctrinate you into the world of blog linkage - go to blogrolling.com, and get a free account. Then as you find blogs worthy of your roll (PICK ME, PICK ME!) you add them, until your roll is full of high quality blogs (AGAIN, PICK ME). When you have completed this task, email me and I will talk you through how to insert into your template.
That is all.
At ease, soldier.

Heartful said...

Who wants normal? Normal is Ronan Keating, Pop Idol wannabe, nylon-lined-never-had-a-thought-i-didn't-pick-up-from-a-magazine-or-pop-video, no-character borrrrrring. Don't ever even TRY to be normal.