Monday, April 03, 2006

...continued retrospective.

I shall continue my retrospective ( Introspective?) with my old sketch books, simply because I was disturbed at lunch today & my cartoon ruined, so I have nothing to show for myself. (Hey Ho.)

This is a sketch I did some years ago of my elder brother & I as kids, from an old photo of us camping in Derbyshire. I love the photo, I'm not sure there have been that many of us both together since. Never mind.

Why spend so much time drawing an old photo?
Now this seems kind of pointless now, I could scan the photo and filter it and come up with the same result. Ok there would be less imperfections. It would take minuites insted of the few hours with some pencils, but then I would have missed the fun of doing it.

I stopped drawing some years ago & for the life of me I can't remember or explain why. It's fun. It's relaxing. I can only equate it to playing music. I can get lost in it. Absorbed.

These last few months Ive started cartooning again for the first time in years, suprised myself that my style had changed. I keep telling my self I shall start drawing again. Start painting again maybe.
I hope I will. Finding time at present is not easy.
My sudden lust for life last year has me throwing myself at all sorts of things Iv'e not done for years, or have taken up or am committing to.
Arhg, I have a head full of things to do at the moment.

Right , enough of that , I must get back to maiming sheep.


Heartful said...

This is a beautiful drawing. Why bother to draw a photo, it's a question I'd asked myself recently as I've just drawn one for my brother's birthday. There is something about going through the process of drawing though that is more than trying to recreate what you see. It's fun, as you say, and it's magic! As I'm sure you've discovered. I can relate to the not having enough time...and the throwing yourself at things. It's great to have such a passion for life though, isn't it?

Pam said...

Wow. That's different and yet so good. You're amazing.