Friday, April 28, 2006

...outragous boasting

When asked "Are the fish biting?..."


Anonymous said...

If that were a snapping turtle, you'd have me running with the screaming meemees. Phobia #34, snapping turtles. Have you ever heard the old wive's tale that a snapping turtle doesn't turn loose until it thunders? yep, that's what I was told AS ONE WAS BITING MY FINGER OFF.
Happy ending, I still have said finger...but now have this phobia.
See how I turned your cartoon into a story about me? HA HA.
I love your cartoons.

arvindh said...

As usual - a hilarious cartoon! Loved it.

sim said...

Thankyou arvindh. Most appretiated.

Tish , how can you have a phobia of somthing you can out run or drop kick over the nearest wall.

Its a bit like aracnaphobia, never understood that.
There's not a spider I know of that can take on a size 10 sneaker and come off the better.

Anonymous said...

I see you didnt' understand what I said :
I was in excruciating pain, nearly fainted from the ordeal.....all at the tender age of 10.
NOW you see why I am the way I am???