Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Ok, poor taste.

I was awoken this morning, about 3 am by a loud crack outside my window.
The sound of wood snapping. Followed by another, & another too close together for someone to be doing it.
It dawned on me slowly & by the time I smelled the smoke the crackes were joined by a couple of voices outside.
This is one of few times Iv'e regreted not owning a telephone, how ever by the time I threw some clothes on & gone out to see if the others in the flats were out, two fire tenders drew up & sorted the blaze out.
It was a fair size, luckily mostly out side in a porch area, but everyone was ok.

Dont know what happened yet, I did not go back home last night, & not yet today. So we'll see soon.

So I was mulling it over today. The above shows just how my mind wanders off subject & how much of an attention look ! , somthing shinny.


Anonymous said...

Sick, yes. Funny, definitely.
You sure you are British? I would swear you are from Oklahoma, wearing a ball cap AND boxer shorts, and laughing while drinking tequila.
Just saying.
Great one.

Heartful said...

Made me what happened???

sim said...

I'm not British .
I'm English ! Subtle difference and me being pedantic.
I find it odd that I could be four nationalities at once.

Tish, do you consider yourself a Texan before an American ?

That said , the blaze made a hell of a mess of next door, all is OK though.
Iv'e got away with a house that smelled of smoke for a while.
Still don't know what caused the fire.
My bet is the gas company. If there was ever a covert group hiding a potential weapon of gas destruction.
Gas company. Evil. Every one of em.