Friday, April 07, 2006

...dawn of the unemployable

"With sound advise under his cap and a new enthusiasm in his staggered stride, George went on to a successful career in politics."

There was not enough rom to put all the occupations I wanted to ,but I can re uses this cartoon for so many jobs in the future & issue it as required.

This zombie thing has got to stop, although Im starting to think Zombie sheep may have some potential.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Me thinks me smells a poke at George Bush.
In any event, your talent shines above the mockery of our doofus, er, I mean President.
If you were a cola, it would be Mountain Dew. Chock full of laughter. And possible weight gain. Go figure.

sim said...

The mearest glimmer, speculation or possibility of the concept or thought had not even remotely entered my mind.

Well when I say remotely, I mean just a teeny bit.

Ok as a vague, fuzzy outline of an idea, by which I mean central theme.

A boiling, moulten core of satire.

Yes, yes you caught me.

I don't want to seem niave or talk out of place, but he is a zombie right ?
It may just be the slow ,drawling confused look that & the blood lust threw me.

Anonymous said...

I love the way ya'll insert 'u' into words we do not.
Okay, so I am ready for a new cartoon, no pressure Sim, just waiting....are you ready yet? Okay, I'll just sit here No? Okay. Now? Can you tell I am an impatient American? NOW?