Tuesday, April 04, 2006

...the lucky escape.

Another reason not to go into a church. You are just plain likely to get eaten.

I suppose thats not fair, Im sure they don't eat those out side the congregation........just the babies. (Grins)
Which leads me onto my thoughts to day while drawing.
Ok, I'm a confirmed agnostic. I've no problem with people having beliefs in any god, devine nature and/or major/minor deity that they choose. I can't. Simple as that. I do have a little jealousy inside for the people that can have these beliefs.
Any way I would think it hypocritical of myself to get involved with any goings on within the church. Maybe me being daft, but there you go. I don't go into churches & churches don't bother me, every one wins.
(Yet I live in a very small city that has over 50 of them within it's old walls and two cathederals, go figure).

So why later this month have I agreed to be a Godfther?......agian.

Little Emma, is one year old this month. Born the dayafter I came out of surgery last year.
She's the second Daughter of my to best friends. Helen & I were practically in the wards next to each other.
Last time Helen had real problems that nearly killed her, Abigale was also not too good for a while.
So second time round I guess I was apprehensive for them.
The day Richard walked in, drained & grining with good news was a good day for me also. I helped me recover.
I'm sure Helens' beliefs helped her.

So for this and many other reasons I'm happy to put aside my points of veiw and take part in this christening.
I've explained previously to them that I'm not going to be much cop at supporting the spritul welfare of Abbie or Emma , but I believe in the priciple behind the post of a godparent, so does this make me a hypocrit?


Heartful said...

I know loads of people who are godparents who don't ever go to church and never think about God, it's more that your friends trust you, and how good, close friends can be like family too. Methinks.

Pam said...

I love the flowers at the end of the pews - those little details just make the picture. And the innocent expression on the cat's face!

Greg said...

Doesn't make you a hypocrite - makes you a good friend to the parents!

sim said...

Thanks , Isabelle, I'd like to say 'the devil is in the detail' , but that may not be appropriate in this case.