Thursday, April 13, 2006 daze

This is a typical situation from my school days.
Practical jokes , japes, horseplay & tomfoolary.
Andy had his bike politely & carfully dismantled, (I mean every single nut and bolt) & hung on the school gate.
Fortunately he saw the funny side of this.....
...the first two times.

Andy, if by some random act you ever read this, I apologise.


Anonymous said...

Funny, I see a FENCE in this one....hmm, me thinks you are trailing me (ha hah)
I am an American, Texas/Okie southern woman, to answer your question from a previous comment. Sorry about the confusion British versus English - it was a LONG horrible day.
Why does this depiction of your childhood NOT surprise me????
Cheers to you.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You are an odd/eccentric/funny cuss. Why don't more people come visit you?

I will try to help remedy this.

arvindh said...

That is hilarious!! Will visit your blog often.

sim said...

Thankyou all , please come again.

Tish , what can I say.
I was brought up bad.