Thursday, April 27, 2006

...six months on.

Ive just looked back & discovered Ive been doing this site for six months now.
It only seems like half a year.
So far , so good , so what?


Anonymous said...

I forgot to celebrate my 3rd year of blogging. I guess I should now, huh? Time for a new car, or maybe just a bubble bath. That's a Southern woman for ya, selfish AND extravagant.
Seriously, Sim, glad you are here in our blog world.

John Cowart said...

Hi Pluto,
I first visited your site a few weeks ago via a link from Gene in Oregon. From your sail on the Prince William to your fight over that security door, to your cartoons, I've found your site a delight. I hope you keep it up for many many more months. Thanks.

sim said...

Thankyou both, Ill keep going till my brain siezes up, and then for a bit more.

The blog started as Im sure everyones did , with just the aim of getting somthing off my mind.
It evlolved & made me start drawing agin .
For that I'm grateful.

(Although it's stopped me thrashing my guitar to death, which as stress reflief goes is a bad thing)

Greg said...

Pick up that guitar! But not to exclusion of the blog!

Pam said...

Yes, and happy halfiversary from me too. You're so talented. Keep drawing. Your blog is the highlight of my day (mind you, I haven't got a very exciting life).