Wednesday, April 26, 2006

...small biting insects

Todays scribble & possible captions :

a) "The next night it was back, & this time it had a knife."
b) "Bobby just knew this was gonna sting"
c) "Bobby suddenly regretted leaving the night light on"
d) "Bobby was not convinced his mosquito net was going to repel it this time"

If any one has any ideas let me know.


Anonymous said...

k... s... l ... m....

I'm saving up all the red letters in case they're the clue to the location of the Holy Grail, or something. :-)

sim said... not a grail quest, but maybe a clue to the whereabouts of King Johns' treasure.

Or maybe I ran out of black letters.

Tish said...

Great Idea Becky!
And here I was thinking that our quiet Sim was really
LORD QUANTRAMONGO, ruler of planet FILLERMAGORRA. The red letters being his communique to his home planet to ATTACK US.
Sim, remember I WAS THE FIRST one to love your cartoons, okay? PLEASE DON'T TURN ME INTO A TURNIP.

sim said...


Sorry, but when the invasion starts its turnips for everybody !

Tish said...

Can I be shaped like a heart? Or something else cute so none of your brethren will eat me, but worship me?

sim said...

Hmmm, no.
I'm afraid it's turnips for you and all your kin.
I will be an evil tyrant.
All bow

sim said...


Dammit, I just switched reality back on.
It's not such a nice place.